eAnatomise Terms of Use

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1. Disclaimer

The tests are procured from Psychtests AIM Inc website, archprofile.com. Tests on this site are intended for informational and educational purposes only and by no means can replace human judgment or other sources of information. The services are offered ‘AS IS’ without any expressed or implied warranties whatsoever. However, the tools and information in eAnatomise are neither exhaustive nor definitive and should not be solely relied on when making HR decisions.

Should you experience any emotional, mental, or physical problems, please see a qualified healthcare professional as soon as possible. If you are feeling suicidal, please call qualified health professionals for immediate help. Use advice and feedback with caution and common sense, and keep in mind that the evaluation provided may not apply to your particular situation, may overlook important factors and/or may not be accurate. In no event shall eAnatomise, the editor/provider of the services, the various collaborators or the counselors that work with eAnatomise be liable for any damages or consequences resulting from direct, indirect, correct or incorrect use of these services, even if the authors have been advised in advance of the possibility of such damages.

2. eAnatomise Administrators

Users who are assigned (asked to take) tests by eAnatomise administrators/providers automatically provide said administrators the right to review the test results.eAnatomise is not responsible for the use of test results.. You hereby release and agree to hold harmless Karman Eval (OPC) Pvt Ltd(the owner of eAnatomise), its directors, officers, employees, agents, successors, advisors, consultants, and assigns from any and all causes of action and claims of any nature resulting from the acts of eAnatomise.

3. Account Deactivation


eAnatomise reserves the right to deactivate accounts that have been inactive for a certain period of time. We send a reminder email before deactivation. If you wish to keep your account, you need to log in at least once before the deactivation deadline.

Deactivation occurs when:

The account belonging to a member has been inactive for more than 3 months and does not contain any saved reports.

The account has a paid test report saved, but the account has been inactive for more than 12 months.

eAnatomise reserves the right to deactivate accounts without prior notification for the following reasons:

The account is associated with any behavior considered a serious misuse of the system or a breach of the Terms of Use.

The account is being used for professional or commercial purposes.

The account is associated with a chargeback or a reported fraudulent transaction.



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