Budding Entrepreneurs  have a lot of great ideas that they never get to implement because of all the bureaucratic red tape in their workplace. These people work best when they set out on their own, as entrepreneurs. 



As an Entrepreneur  you are expected to  organize, operate, and assume the risk for a business venture and manage  business enterprise by risk and initiative, attempting to make profits. You must be willing to work enthusiastically upon an idea or opinion that is different from most people’s and is unpopular. However, there’s a major difference between being an impulsive risk-taker and a calculating risk-taker – the latter of the two being the key to success.

Entrepreneurs work in nearly all occupations and industries. They do what they’re best at and what they’re passionate about. Being self-employed involves hard work and long hours.  Most businesses – as high as 70%  – will stop working, but people with a true entrepreneurial spirit bounce back quickly and are likely to launch into another venture soon afterwards, always building on the knowledge and experience they’ve gained.


Why, What & How

This test will help you identify whether you have the characteristics that typically demonstrate entrepreneurial potential, including the drive to succeed, a supportive social network, a positive outlook on success, and openness to new ideas.

Your EntAP assessment report would give you the following

  1.  Summary
  2.  Introduction 
  3. Graphs  and Detailed narrative interpretation on the following (Fourteen) 14 EntAP SCALES:-
    1. Drive to Succeed:  Refers to the ability and willingness to do what it takes to succeed.
    2. Independence: Refers to the desire to stand alone, apart from the crowd.
    3. Passion:  Having a drive and enthusiasm for one’s work.
    4. Goal-orientation:  Involves setting objectives as well as following through to achieve them.
    5. Conscientiousness:   Involves being organized, dependable and efficient.
    6. Social Network:  Refers to the ability to form strong social relationships with people.
    7. Social Skills:  Ability to relate easily with other people.
    8. Leadership:  Ability to take charge and lead others effectively.
    9. Mentoring/Supporting:  Assesses whether an individual has a supportive social network to turn to in times of trouble.
    10. Outlook on Success:  Refers to whether an individual believes he or she has the potential for success
    11. Self-efficaciousness:  Having confidence in one’s abilities.
    12. Optimism:  Ability to find the “silver lining” and stay positive despite adversity.
    13. Status-seeking:  Determines the role that social status and money play in an individual’s drive to succeed.
    14. Openness to new ideas:  Refers to the inclination and desire to try out new ideas.
    15. Interest in Knowledge: Refers to the willingness to learn new things.
    16. Innovation:  Refers to the ability to think productively.
    17. Adaptability:  Refers to the capacity and willingness to accommodate change.
    18. Risk-taking:  Determines the extent to which an individual engages in reckless behavior
  4. Your Strengths  
  5. Your Potential Strengths    
  6. Your  Limitations
  7.   Advice: Detailed evaluation on your performance in the EntAP, from our experts aided by AI for you to be prepared   and successful in your entrepreneurial journey.



EntAP – Entrepreneurial Aptitude Profile can be used as a powerful Pre-employment, Skills training and Entrepreneurial evaluation  tool. This assessment has 131  self-reporting questions. This assessment can be completed in 25 minutes and it is recommended for people above 18 years. The report of this assessment will include a summary, introduction, graphs of the 14 scales assessed with a detailed personalised narrative interpretation of the graph. Your strengths, your potential strengths and limitations, all brought to you in simple language followed by detailed advice from our experts aided by AI. 

Wishing you a successful entrepreneurial journey.

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